Alexa LF – Another full frame option.

At this years BSC Expo, we finally got to see the new Arri Alexa LF…. LF because it’s the large format version of the...

Off Base

The Jump Cut – LEGO

The difficult second movie to follow on from 'The Wrong Camera' : Can't believe it's been over a year... but following a number...

Radio Rentals

Rent Granada

Boston Dynamics – Atlas

Top Tips

Have Panasonic fixed it?

Has the latest Panasonic update for the GH5, GH5S and G9 finally fixed the auto-focus for video use? We take a look at firmware...

f-stop it now

Do I really need DLog-M?


1st Look at the EVA1

extrashot takes a look at the new Panasonic EVA1 - Will this be Steve's new favourite? All EVA1 footage shot in 4K with what we...

No Pain No ISO