In episode 4 Paul reveals the big secret, how to get 4k on your F5!

Steve is back from his holiday and is not happy about the new fashion of using smartphones to film in dark theatres.

We get some feedback from our listener about our previous DIT discussion.

And we get to the big finale where Paul shares one of the most eagerly awaited tips of the last year…

Cameraman’s safety shoes










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  1. […] I always get excited to hear about a good camera hack, especially when it’s as powerful as the most recent hack for the Sony F5 which effectively allows the camera to shoot 4K internally! Up until now if you wanted to shoot 4K with an F5 you would have needed to purchase a proprietary R5 recorder which costs $5500. This prevented many people from investing in the F5 since the additional cost is quite significant (especially when you consider the camera body already costs $16,500), not to mention the more expensive F55 ($29,000) can shoot 4K internally and doesn’t require the external recorder. So this new hack in many ways will make the F5 a more direct competitor with it’s bigger brother – the F55. Yes, the F55 still has some advantages such as a global shutter and higher frame rates, but it now has one less significant advantage over the F5 to help justify a price tag that is close to double that of the F5. The best part is that the hack itself can be implemented very easily on the F5. All it requires is that a .txt file containing the camera preferences is altered to allow for 4K resolution recording, meaning current F5 owners will be able to hack their cameras very easily. Click here to learn more about it from Paul Ream, who explains the ins and outs of it in his podcast… […]

  2. While I was interested in how it was done, I have the R5 so I’m in the same boat as F55 owners. The thing is, I think you guys had it pegged with the whole pay to unlock features deal. It’s a silly game played by silly people, who sit in silly chairs with silly hats. I for one would like it to be unlocked officially. This would allow F55/5 owners to scale down the rig for weight affected setups. I hope someone does try to decode and use the pins out of the docking pin jack on both the F55/5. I mean they want more than a thousand bucks for the cable extender. I think it was $1400 US. Well I’m hoping you guys will tweet out any important alerts from IBC….. you crazy hackers!!!

  3. Great podcast lads, just listened to Ep1 look forward to the rest. It’s great your sharing your experience & knowledge.
    Keeping it interdependent, keeps it real.


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