4K for the F5

After long nights of cold coffee, we finally found what we were looking for… Internal 4K on the Sony F5.  We all knew it was in there waiting – just needed that flash of inspiration that sometimes comes with a good curry!

click for full size

The great news is, we’d like everyone to try it out.

All you have to do is listen to the next episode of the ExtraShot podcast and we’ll tell you exactly how we did it.  It’ll be out just before IBC.

click for full size

Until then, just a couple of 4K shots to whet the appetite….

(Obviously, Vimeo streams at HD max, so you have to download the original file (4096 x 2160) to see the 4K in all it’s glory – not particularly proud of the pictures, but simply wanted to record something straight after getting it working)


4K on the Sony F5 from Paul Ream on Vimeo.