When out shooting, I use a little 13” macbook pro for all my data wrangling requirements.  It’s a lovely little machine, flash drive, retina screen, 8GB ram etc… super fast for what I need.  Anyway, I think I’ve made a mistake.  I upgraded to OSX 10.10, or Yosemite as it’s known.

Now, there’s still nothing wrong with my machine, although I’m not sure about the design tweaks… Yosemite looks somewhat like a five year old downed a few glasses of fizzy pop, opened a new box of crayons and drew all over their therapists screen.

No, the problem is actually with Sony’s UDF drivers… they don’t drive any more.  So if you shoot XDCam 422 UDF, like 50Mb/s on the popular PMW500, don’t upgrade to Yosemite just yet.  You won’t be able to import your footage.

“From Sony:

In regard to your inquiry, compatible drivers for MAC OS Yosemite will be released by the end of this year.”

End of the year!.. didn’t Sony get a beta copy and test things a bit?

Luckily, as an F5/55 shooter, I’m alright. These cameras only format their SxS cards as ExFat… and that’s built right into the operating system by apple, so we’re good to go. But if you use cards or discs formatted as UDF  (as many Sony cameras do), you might want to wait to next year before upgrading to Yosemite!



Apparently, some Yosemite users have said you can import UDF formatted footage using Sony’s Catalyst Browse software.  You can then convert your rushes to ProRes.  I haven’t personally tested this, However, FCPX will still hang if you try to import UDF XDCamHD cards straight in.

I’d still wait for Sony’s official drivers before upgrading a work edit machine…


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