In episode 16:

We discover that burning LUTs is the way forward for one programme that wanted to raise production values at every location.  Steve peers into the world of someone who lit a drama with candles, and we discuss how much we’re prepared to pay for the BBC.

With IBC just weeks away, is anything going to surprise us?

Steve & Paul


Titanic moment on location


Links from the show:

The Guild of Television Cameramen – Zerb Magazine

Paul Edwards – Lighting Cameraman/DOP

Joe Taylor – Lighting Cameraman/DOP


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  1. Great pod cast.. been waiting ages .. Yes I haven’t shot with my f5 in custom for ages now.. Cine EI of course anyway for Slog3.cine.. otherwise burn it a 3D User LUT.. I have Bens Extended LC709A.. and Canon “look” one from A. Chapmans site.. and a couple of others.. Ive found the preset WB,s work better than the manual ones in custom anyway !!.. but would be nice to be able to tweak them ala Arri mode..
    Just got an easy rig Cinema 3 ! with the CN7 on docs you just really need it.. otherwise the back is really going to go sooner than later.. not as nice as hand held but just cant afford to put my back out ! anyway keep up the good work !


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