In episode 28:

As Steve realises his laptop could possibly explode, Paul wishes he was flying to NAB to see the rumoured new camera releases. Is this the year Sony replace the ageing F5, or has that happened already with the FS7II ?

Amazon Prime has disappointed Paul while Steve is disappointed with the BBC… but on a lighter note Steve explains why Insurance isn’t boring!

What generation are you… feeling to old to play with LEGO?

With much more – and the launch of our new web site, we hope you enjoy this new episode.

Steve and Paul

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The Wrong Camera

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for answering my question. Working with LUT Calc was the thing that prompted my question in the first place, so it’s cool you talked to Ben Turley! Keep up the good work.

  2. even numbers not unlucky in Japan . one of the words for 4 (depends on the shape of what you are counting..mad I know !).. “Shi” sounds like the word for death and so is unlucky. some older hotels dont have a 4th floor.. 7 is a lucky number but also 8..

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