In episode 3 Steve and Paul chat with Lighting Cameraman / DoP, Mark Moreve.

Mark has been in the industry for 24 years, (he started very young), and has used every camera under the sun. Steve first met him when they travelled across Mongolia in a Land Rover, a very cosy trip!  Paul also spent a few years working alongside Mark, but much nearer to home… Homes Under The Hammer for the BBC.

Are all cameramen early adopters? Of course we all love the latest gadgets but should our clients dictate what we buy?

Paul is outnumbered in his defence of the Sony F5 by Steve and Mark’s continual onslaught of the benefits of the Canon EOS cameras.

Mark talks us through his 4k workflow using the Canon C500 with the very impressive Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q.

These are the links we discussed:

Convergent Design – Odyssey7Q

The Lens Doctor

DJI Ronin

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