There’s a LUT going on!

Just one week ago, Simon Bailey (@overseafilms) started a thread on the Sony community forums about the possibility of using a custom LUT to generate a false colour monitor display on the F5/55.  This could be a really useful addition for those wanting to nail the correct exposure, particularly when shooting Log or CineEI.

Amazingly, within a matter of hours, our good friend and LUT expert Ben Turley had incorporated just such a generator into his superb LUTCalc program. We’ve featured LUTCalc on ExtraShot before, and watched as this mathematical hobby for Ben has turned into a fantastic utility for all of us. It’s free and available here:

LUTCalc Main Page

LUTCalc For Mac Github Releases

So all of us now have the ability to use false colour display’s, even on the F5… and it works really well.

What I find really heartening is the helpful community that’s been building around these Sony F’s. What’s surprising, is Sony’s apparent reluctance to get involved with their own customers.  It’s great to see people pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with these camera’s, often beyond what Sony say is even possible.  Respect to Ben, and all those who admire lateral thinking!


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  1. Thanks for that Paul! I’ve uploaded what was meant to be a nice, stable release candidate and then discovered that one line of code which was supposed to be just tidying has turned off most of the adjustments in LUTCalc.

    It’s now fixed, I feel like a fool, and if anyone gave it a go and got frustrated because nothing seemed to happen – it was my fault! Give it another go, I’ve just made sure that false colour is working 😉 :
    LUTCalc Main Page
    LUTCalc For Mac release page on Github


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