Ged’s Guides

Ged Yeates is way up north on the beautiful Isle of Lewis in Scotland, just about as far away from the south coast as you could get. We reckon he’s got one of the most impressive drives to work anyone could imagine.

In episode 8, Ged sent us a quick video guide on how to compile a set of stills into an image sequence using Apple Motion.  We loved it, and it appears many others did too, so we’re persuading him to make some more.

We’ll leave them here, hopefully as a useful reference…

Timelapse using Apple Motion

Using Apple Motion as a great way to compile a set of stills into an image sequence. This came about after discovering you couldn’t use Quicktime 7 on the new 5K iMac to build a time-lapse movie the way we used to.


Colour matching two clips in FCPX

Who’d have thought colour matching two different shots (or getting very close) could be this simple. Ged shows us how, and it works!


Using Keywords in FCPX

I bet we’re not alone in failing to make best use of keywords in FCPX. They can be a really useful tool in editing efficiently. Ged provides some great tips to make logging easier.