In episode 19:

Steve and Paul invent a way of keeping fit while wondering if they’ll still be working in twenty years time!  We also take a look at the new Kino Flo Select and shine a light on whether LEDs have improved over the last couple of years.

With politicians trying to bully cameramen, Reamy’s Rant about resolution and the first ever live email interview, there’s no reason not to listen!

This month we also received brilliant news from Ged Yeates. He’s had his triple bypass operation and is well on the mend. In fact, within hours of heart surgery, he’d regained enough use of his thumbs in order to phone and text useful advice to all his colleagues! We’re looking forward to his next blog – get well soon.

The Great ExtraShot Cameraman Survey – Why not do it now?

Steve & Paul


Links from the show:

Phill Lane – Top-Teks

“Living with the FS7” – Ged Yeates

Donald Trump – trying to bully a cameraman

Kino Flo – Select 30

The Great ExtraShot Cameraman Survey




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