Many moons ago when I was learning my trade as an editor, I worked for a company specialising in motorsport. We were at the top of our game, covering high end racing for the BBC and delivering edits all around the world. We had a separate department in the office that I loved to visit, tables covered in wires, naked circuit boards, plastic boxes and plenty of double-sided tape. This was the onboard camera department, staffed by a team of guys who used voltmeters for real!!

This team was at the cutting edge of small cameras, which were placed all over the cars. Genuine pioneers overcoming all of the issues of how to hide the kit, cope with vibrations and persuade the drivers is was in their best interests.

I wonder what these clever guys are doing now, because one thing is absolutely clear, they are out of business, have been for many years now. And every time GoPro bring out a new camera I look back to those days. They must have dreamed of a small, high quality, practically disposable (by their costs) camera and oh how we take it for granted now. I even put 2 of them inside a yacht which was the blown up by the Navy.  Retrieved them and got the footage!

And so we have the latest instalment of this amazing story;  the GoPro HERO4. And you guessed it, we now have 4K! Well, one of the new versions has 4K and it’s a bit confusing really because they have chosen to split some of the must have features between 2 different models; HERO4 BLACK and HERO4 SILVER.

The SILVER has a touch screen, something that will be making all of our lives easier but it’s not available for the BLACK!

The BLACK has 4K but the SILVER doesn’t! They’re messing with us.  What I think is very interesting about theses decisions is that we don’t have an outright pro version that has all of the wishlist. The reputation of GoPro is built on a mixture of amateurs ad professionals and it looks like the products will be reflecting this for the near future.

camera_product_blackOne thing we should all be grateful for is that the form factor is identical and our investment in mounts is safe, finally a company that understands how to keep its customers happy, hear that Apple?

Stand by for a detailed blog and some reviews of the footage, but it’s safe to say for now I have a Hero…



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