In episode 26

For this special bumper holiday edition, Paul and Steve are joined by guest presenter and fellow camera freelancer, Mark Langton.  If our 2012 fantasy camera is now a reality, what do we want to see on our dream camera for 2022 ?


Mark brings a welcome educational element to the show and helps us launch our new question/answer service… never be too embarrassed to ask a silly question again!


We also chat to Mike Thomas from Top-Teks who gives us his choices of stocking fillers for the cameraman who has everything this Christmas.

Thank you for listening and we hope you have a great New Year.


Steve and Paul

First digital camera from Kodak

Links from this show:

Mark Langton – 2012 Fantasy Camera (Zerb):

Mark Langton – 2012 4K (Zerb):


Manfrotto Lumimuse

9.Solutions El-Bo

ZhiYun Smooth C

Bright Tangerine Titan Arm

Exolens Pro


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  1. Great podcast.. Thanks for the mention and Christmas greetings! Mark was one of the best at that local cable station WMTV. Other Sky staff who trained there were the wonderful Phil Chappell (Editor at Sky) and the awesome Neil Morris (News Cameraman).

    Have a really great Christmas and hope you make your millions next year!


  2. My name mentioned on the podcast ! Im living the dream.. love your stuff.. please never stop.. was great working with Lord Moreve.. whom I had also heard on your podcast.. listening to this one in Hawaii now.. on the laptop. . perfect !..

  3. My first camera was also a 400AP.. bought from TopTek,s from Mikes mum ! I think it was over £30,000.. Im sure mine was £37,000 without the VAT.. ! you could buy a house in most of the UK then.. even London !.. about 93 or 94.. I think..

    Happy new year to you both.. ! keep up the good work ..

  4. Dont want to be pedantic .. but for your guests info.. re the older Orange SxS cards that only shoot XDCAM.. you do not have to “burn in” the LUT with these can record Slog 2 or 3.. but as its only a 8 bit codec .. it rather defeats the purpose because it cant handle alot of grading anyway..
    But your guest Mark seemed to say that with these cards the LUT will always be burn it.. or thats the impression I got anyway which might be misleading to others not familiar with the F5..

  5. Hey guys, recently found the podcast, and I love it! I’ve got a question for your question and answer section: legal levels vs data levels (like on a waveform monitor)? In practice it’s not usually an issue. If it looks messed up, it’s probably the other one, but I’ve never understood what it actually means.


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