F5 Headphone Cable

In episode 2 Paul and Steve get excited by the price of the new DJI Ronin, agonise over Apple and lament the lack of purchases this month.

Have you ever turned down a job beacause of a moral issue? The guys chat about how far they are prepared to go to earn a crust.

Stills or moving pictures? With more and more photographers being asked to shoot video and vice versa, Paul and Steve chat about which skills are transferable and whether it’s desirable anyway.

Paul gave his feedback on the Fargo TV series and the guys finished with some recommendation for a couple of companies they recently dealt with; Lenses for Hire and Professional Audio Cables.

Here are the links:

Sony A7s low light test video

Lenses For Hire

Boeing Preps the 787-9 Dreamliner for Farnborough

DJI Ronin

Cable for F5 headphone socket


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