With all the fanfare of the recent GH5 launch still reverberating,  Panasonic were being a little coy with a new mystery Cinema Camera at NAB… teasing us because it was under a hanky in a box!

Now there’s a teaser video and news that the launch will be fed live on the Panasonic Pro Video Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Panasonic.Pro.Video/ on June 3rd at 00:15 (thats 4:15 on June 2nd in LA)

We’re really quite excited about this one. From the size it looks like it’ll come somewhere between the GH5 and Varicam LT, but will this compete with the Sony FS5 or FS7?   Either way, new competition is bound to be good for everyone.

Knowing what the GH5 already offers, we’d hope it’ll do 4K at 10bit 422, and hopefully 60P, but the big questions will undoubtedly revolve around the lens mount and size of chip?  S35 would be nice, but the Varicam chip would probably be too pricy.

Still less than a week and all will be revealed.

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