If a NewsCar runs over a cameraman’s foot, would they film it for the News?

We first mentioned NewsCar on our podcast here: The Perfect Camera but we’re now wondering if some listeners thought it was a joke? Still surprised by the lack of discussion from News Cameramen…

The initial charge for a Newsroom to use an Uber driver as cameraman is expected to be $200 for up to two hours. Any additional time will also cost $200 in further blocks of two hours.

Development continues on the NewsCar Pro app which will offer the same facilities for Newsrooms to book professional TV crews who can also sign-up to join the service.

So is this just a useful aid to help get immediate pictures of breaking stories, or do we think it’ll take jobs away from News professionals? Do let us know in the comments.

NewsCar – http://www.newscarsignup.com

“NewsCar will deliver first response news content – on demand – when it is needed by newsrooms in the world’s most competitive media markets.
Via NewsCar’s own global positioning technology newsrooms will receive real-time information on the availability of camera operators and their proximity to the scenes of breaking stories.
NewsCar connects journalists on all platforms to our registered drivers, who are on the move, around the corner and equipped with fully-charged mobile devices capable of recording high definition vision for immediate upload.”


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