In episode 7 we catch up on some recent jobs, chat Health & Safety and explore what your job title really means.

Are you a DoP, Cinematographer or just a plain old cameraman? What if you are female and want something that describes you? Following on from some great responses to our survey, we chat about why and what you are called.

We also cover the ever present role of the colour grade. Can it be used to cover shooting errors or should you be getting it right first time?

The Great ExtraShot Cameraman Survey 2014 will run for another month so keep spreading the word. The more responses we get, the more accurate and useful the results will be for all of us.


Ahh… a proper camera!
Too many F’s are a hazard?
My new mate!


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The Great ExtraShot Cameraman Survey 2014

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  1. Great episode! I’m a total newbie, and find this podcast a great resource for education and entertainment.

    I think I may have entered “videographer” on the survey, for the same reasons you two don’t feel entirely comfortable calling yourselves DoPs or Cinematographers… Those titles sound a bit highfalutin unless you’ve really earned the title.

    I don’t know if I agree with your disdain for the term videographer, since we do shoot and edit video. But I guess we don’t shoot videographs, the way a photographer shoots photographs. It does seem like an easy transformation of the word photographer. But I was surprised by your reaction to the word.

    Anyways, this was a great episode and I can’t wait for more. Thanks! Also, I loved the question about hiding gear from your wife. I recently ordered a jib/crane and “hid” the box behind one of the couches in the living room for a week without mentioning it to my wife. I needed to slowly and gently introduce its presence.


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