As predicted and pretty much on time, Panasonic launched their new Compact Cinema Camera this evening (UK time).  Now we finally can give it a name – the EVA1. I like the name, but thats probably because I’m old enough to remember the Moon landings!

In many ways this event felt more like a preview of a preview rather than a glossy launch. Why are camera companies so bad at presenting media events?  Fumbling with cameras that refuse to come out of back packs or pregnant pauses that swallow a whole audience with a cringe.  Yes, it’s a low volume product, but they must know some professionals who work in show biz?

I digress because it was distracting… it was easy to miss what a very exciting set of specifications the EVA1 has.  The real camera isn’t available until the Autumn so there’s some development still to be done.  Because of this, the only pictures we were shown were from the Varicam LT (which also shares Dual native ISO’s and removable IR filter).  We tested the Varicam LT for extrashot here: and loved the picture quality. Panasonic are saying the EVA1 will have the same Varicam colours but with a totally new 5.7K S35 sized sensor.

So why are we so excited?  These are the EVA1 specs we were given:

5.7K S35 sized sensor (as we’ve said before, proper 4K from a 6K sensor is the future!)
EF lens mount
422 10bit up to 400mbps (hurray)
4K/60P and 2K/240P (yes, that’s 240 frames per second !!!)
5.7K RAW Output (with a future firmware upgrade)
V-Log & V-gamut
Varicam colours (nice)
Dual Native ISO (works really well on the Varicam LT)
Electronic Image stabilisation EIS (is this the 5 axis stuff from the GH5?)
Removable IR filter
Dual SD Card slots (inexpensive media)
Compact dimensions – 6 x 5 x 5 inches and just 1.2kg (that’s tiny)
Removable hand grip, top handle and viewfinder (for gimbal use etc.)
Full sized XLR and timecode inputs

for less than $8,000

Wow – if all that happens this could be a killer camera for independent film makers, small crews or one man band operations.  This finally sounds like a real competitor to the Sony FS7.  Okay, I take it back… if Panasonic can deliver all this, I can certainly forgive them the a poor presentation!

Paul Ream


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