The ExtraShot podcast takes a quick look at the Panasonic Cinema Varicam LT.  Is this the next pro camera upgrade?

Paul Ream and Steve Adams chat about what they like about the camera and Steve decides he doesn’t want to give it back!


  1. That was fun to watch guys!
    I do think they may be too late to the party. Now C300 owners have the C700 to aspire to. I’m sure I’d like the Varicam, but as an F5 owner, it seems a bit of a lateral move. I’m pretty content with the F5 despite the annoying little things I’ve come to accept.
    So no proper audio pots on this camera? WTH.
    Does that control panel need to be attached for operation?
    I wouldn’t hand that panel to a producer as a monitor…I’d feel like a dog on a leash!
    He might follow me around with a little plastic bag!



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