In this episode, Steve and Paul discuss the dangers of discussing your next job in public places and then end up wondering where all the public spaces have gone!

RED have announced they are going to sell a phone while Apple stores start selling everything you need for professional video from RED… coincidence or the beginnings of another shift in our industry?

As extrashot produce their first video on drone racing, there’s a proposal to register any drone over 250 grams.  Is it a good idea or a total waste of time?

With monkey news, bear stories, resolution rants, and even tales from the war, this really is a bumper summer episode you shouldn’t miss.

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Duclos Lenses – FZ Mount for Fujinon MK Zooms

RED Hydrogen – new phone

RED Hydrogen Prototype Hands-On – Marques Brownlee

RED Raven Kit – Apple Store

BBC Casualty – One Shot Episode

Drone Racing at Goodwood

Thrust UAV – Home of the Riot 250R Pro

ProStudioHire – Andy Cahill (best studio in the South!)


British Airways Safety Video



  1. Hey guys-
    Love the podcast and videos, so thanks. Quite enjoy the details and humor while listening from Minneapolis. Would like to suggest a correction to your “one take” movie mention of Birdman. It wasn’t one take but they did make it appear as such. I’d highly recommend the German film Victoria, which actually all is a single take bank heist movie. I spoke with the DP and they rehearsed it quite a bit for a few weeks and then did several full takes to get it in the can. I really enjoyed it.


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