Being a freelancer can sometimes be a lonely job. Of course you are working with other teams when you’re shooting and you get to know staff from production companies but it’s very unusual for cameramen to hang out together.

And this is what makes it hard to share information and even get advice.  You base your daily rate on previous work but it’s often hard to know what a producer is paying another crew, their mileage deal  etc.

To this end we announced our survey this month. We have put together some questions which we hope will reveal the reality of working in our industry, starting with a general outlook; how many years in the industry, moving onto financial details and of course covering what kit you’re using.

By looking at these overall trends we hope to be able to give all of you some reassurances and even confidence that we are all on the right track.

We’re not aksing for any data from you, it’s completely anonymous so you can be totally honest. It only takes 10 minutes to fill in and your responses will help all of us. Please share the link with other colleagues, we’ll be running the survey for around 8 weeks.



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