Have Panasonic fixed it?

Has the latest Panasonic update for the GH5, GH5S and G9 finally fixed the auto-focus for video use? We take a look at firmware...

Mavic 2 Live TX for TV – is it possible?

Find out if it's possible to use the Mavic 2 and transmit a clean HD feed for use on live TV. With a big...

f-stop it now

I admit, this is a bit of a rant.... but I don't think it's fair to quote the equivalent focal length of a lens...

Do I really need DLog-M?

It’s nice to have all those colours on my Mavic 2 Pro, but do I really need them?

Hacking the Canon 10-18mm Lens

Is it wise to saw the back off a brand new lens? Paul looks at hacking a nice Canon wide angle lens so it fits...

False Colour on the F5/55

There's a LUT going on! Just one week ago, Simon Bailey (@overseafilms) started a thread on the Sony community forums about the possibility of using...

Using Keywords in FCPX

I bet we're not alone in failing to make best use of keywords in FCPX. They can be a really useful tool in editing...

Colour matching two clips in FCPX

Who'd have thought colour matching two different shots (or getting very close) could be this simple. Ged Yates from the Isle of Lewis shows...

Timelapse using Apple Motion

Using Apple Motion as a great way to compile a set of stills into an image sequence. This came about after discovering you couldn't...

A7s & FS7 Speedbooster test

From the discussion in podcast episode 8 comparing Sony A7s & FS7 Speedbooster Ultra Depth of Field test.