If a NewsCar runs over a cameraman's foot, would they film it for the News? We first mentioned NewsCar on our podcast here: The Perfect Camera...

Nubrella on WBZ

Hands On with the ATEM Television Studio HD

Steve and Paul check out the new ATEM Television Studio from BlackMagic Design.

The Wrong Camera

Welcome to my world. I've got some Lego for my Birthday so I thought I'd try some animation. It's my very first go at 'stop-frame'...

The most ridiculous steadicam shot

This is an amazing behind the scenes video of Karsten Jacobsen's incredible Eurovision steadicam shot.

Ultimate Cameraman Fails Compilation!

You should never ever laugh at these poor could be us next time! Well you can laugh a little bit...

Drunk Cameraman

Of course, you would never see us behaving like this!!!

Jonathan Pie – President Trump: How and Why…

Jonathan Pie, our new favourite News Presenter lets loose on Trump's Election victory.  We hope to be working with him soon!!!