Canon EOS C700

Have Canon finally brought out Steve's dream camera? The ergonomics look right... the specs look right... so when Proactive said they'd lend us their new...

Laptop UXB

Useful tip No.37 - Disposing of a leaking lithium battery From:

Gymbal Shootout

Steve bought himself a new present... the Zhiyun Smooth-C gymbal. How does it compare to the DJI Osmo? We try to find out. "Gentlemen, draw your weapons."  

Hacking the Canon 10-18mm Lens

Is it wise to saw the back off a brand new lens? Paul looks at hacking a nice Canon wide angle lens so it fits...

Quick trip to the BSC Expo 2017

Paul and Steve take a very quick look around the British Society of Cinematographers Expo in Battersea Park.

Zoom F4 location mixer and recorder

Quick unboxing from Paul and first thoughts on the Zoom F4 Location Recorder / Mixer. Is it a flawed beauty?

9.Solutions C-Pan Arm

Paul Ream and Steve Adams swing by the Top-Teks showroom to take a look at the new C-Pan Arm from 9.Solutions. Is this the...

Panasonic Cinema Varicam LT

The ExtraShot podcast takes a quick look at the Panasonic Cinema Varicam LT.  Is this the next pro camera upgrade? Paul Ream and Steve Adams...

IF – Telly Savallas

This is the excellent music video discussed on episode 26 of our podcast here:    

Minster Pinks Fish and Chip Shop

Fire Crews Called to Minster Pinks Fish and Chip Shop in Milford on Sea From episode 24 of our podcast: