Zoom F4 location mixer and recorder

Quick unboxing from Paul and first thoughts on the Zoom F4 Location Recorder / Mixer. Is it a flawed beauty?

9.Solutions C-Pan Arm

Paul Ream and Steve Adams swing by the Top-Teks showroom to take a look at the new C-Pan Arm from 9.Solutions. Is this the...

Panasonic Cinema Varicam LT

The ExtraShot podcast takes a quick look at the Panasonic Cinema Varicam LT.  Is this the next pro camera upgrade? Paul Ream and Steve Adams...

IF – Telly Savallas

This is the excellent music video discussed on episode 26 of our podcast here: http://extrashot.co.uk/if-a-picture-paints-a-thousand-words/    

Minster Pinks Fish and Chip Shop

Fire Crews Called to Minster Pinks Fish and Chip Shop in Milford on Sea From episode 24 of our podcast: http://extrashot.co.uk/a-loose-canon/

Canon C700 Launch

Canon launch the C700 and we discuss the video in episode 24 of the podcast. http://extrashot.co.uk/a-loose-canon/

Magpie – TV Cameras

Great video from Magpie all about TV Cameras. First shown 1972. From podcast 22 http://extrashot.co.uk/run-rabbit-run/  

OSMO at Sea

Quick clip of how good the OSMO can be from podcast episode 22. http://extrashot.co.uk/run-rabbit-run/

Metabones EF to FZ Cine

Video demonstrating the Metabones EF-FZ cine adaptor on a Sony F5 in use. Accompanies the full review here: http://extrashot.co.uk/keeping-it-wheel/

Speedbooster XL 0.64x Example 2

In this second video the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L lens was used on all three camera’s but the focal length was approximately adjusted to...