who are we?

Paul and Steve first met while working on Motorsports for the BBC. Some years later their paths crossed for ITV’s I Want That House and then again to cover many miles travelling the world working on many projects.

Now Paul and Steve have come together to bring you Extra Shot, the podcast for video professionals. They like to get hands-on with the latest kit, give another voice to those in the industry and talk about the everyday life of the freelance cameraman.

With a combined six decades of experience to share with you Extra Shot is set to become the go-to source for any and all topics on professional camerawork.


Paul Ream started life behind the lens at ITV (Yorkshire TV) as a trainee studio cameraman some 37 years ago. “I knew at about 8 years old that I wanted to be a cameraman after being given the ITV Yearbook as a Christmas present.”

He is known for his years spent working on a wide range of top TV shows. From comedy to Coronation Street, drama to documentaries, and more memorably at Sky News.

Paul’s passion for framing moving pictures in any situation, led to his most favourite position as Head of Cameras at Sky News. This was at the start of the 24 hour news service, and while offering him a totally new challenge, it was one that he believed changed the way news was filmed.

Inside the mind…

Quality is determined by budget – “Working within an ever developing industry there was a time when the delivery format dictated how something would be shot. Television, Web, Cinema all required very different approaches. Those differences are now getting more blurred. What you can now achieve is purely limited by budget. High end TV shows now have production values very similar to cinema and many daytime programmes have lower budgets than the web. How you deliver your content is no longer important… it’s the quality of the content that counts.”

Bringing back the team element – “Being a freelance cameraman can be a lonely job, you rarely get to work with other cameramen and on the job training has almost disappeared. Sharing information between those who are meeting the same issues every day has got to be a good thing.”

A solid advocate of Sony, his favourite piece of kit is the F5. “It is by far the best camera I have ever used and the picture quality is simply superb.”


Steve Adams loves the power that images can have and started his career through the inspiration of documentary icons Errol Morris and Frederick Wiseman. “A one second shot can speak more than a whole book.”

Over two decades of skills and experience has seen Steve work on projects with Mary Berry, the NHS, factual TV series covering motorsports, international sailing and the London 2012 Olympic Games. One of the most exciting and perhaps most gruelling was a series of adventures working on the Camel Trophy event, a trek across difficult terrains driving 4x4s. “Each location was more incredible than the last, from the Jungle of Borneo, to the Mongol Plains and finally the vast wilderness of Tierra Del Fuego.”

Inside the mind…

Where do you see the industry heading? “As technology continues to evolve it is enabling more multi-skilling at different levels which opens up more opportunities for newcomers to enter the industry but there will always be a place for the specialist, whether it’s a cameraman or director.”

Working as a cameraman provides the opportunity to see angles and perspectives of a situation or event that can show it in a completely different light. Steve tells us why he loves this job that lets him work so closely with so many different people: “It is a privilege to dip in and out of other people’s lives, to gain their trust and tell their stories.”

Giving something back – Coming up through the ranks and working with other cameramen and producers Steve was able to gain many snippets of advice and help over the years and partly the reason for jointly setting up ExtraShot is to give back and to share with other cameramen. “It’s great fun connecting with other freelancers around the world.”

The yin and the yang, Steve is a passionate Canon camera owner: “My favourite piece of kit is my C300 because with the 35mm chip it is finally a lot easier to get great cinematic images.”


What’s next? In five year’s time Paul hopes to be in the Maldives with a long drink and a Sony F9 while Steve will continue to be behind the camera working on commercials and the odd drama.

As for Extra Shot it will be the driving force for communication in the industry and hopes to encourage and inspire the next generation of cameramen (and women)!


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