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…and it’s goodnight from him.

In episode 36:

Its been a while…. Steve’s travelled to Hong Kong and Paul’s been jetting off to Leeds. NAB has also been and gone… lots of new kit… but we’re guessing the big news is RAW, and what that might mean to how we work. Oh, and Paul admits to a big mistake with the Canon C200.

Is broadcast TV officially dead… and what are we all going to do now? Far from being depressed, we take a look at what opportunities we might need to embrace. Maybe computer generated presenters should be worried too!

We’ve also been reassessing what extrashot should be. What do you want to discuss in our virtual crew room? Are endless camera reviews getting a little pointless? Have a listen and do tell us what you think.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

Steve & Paul



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  1. The problem with RAW is that it needs someone who knows what to do with it. Great if you the DP can sit in on the grade and make sure the pictures match your intention, but if its a harassed editor with little time to cut, RAW is a bad idea as they are almost certainly just going to slap a Rec709 LUT over it.

    You also have to factor in increased render time. If you shoot RAW every frame needs to be rendered, whereas if you get it right in camera you don’t need to re-render each frame.

    • That’s true…
      In many ways I was comparing RAW to Log… which still needs someone who knows what they are doing to get it looking right. And there’s still a place for getting it right in camera!


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