In episode 33:

Things start a little more seriously on this special Halloween episode…. and as yet another scandal effects the whole entertainment industry, Steve and Paul discuss whether saying nothing makes us all complicit.

We re-visit an old subject with a few more suggestions of what we should all be called as Paul slams into reverse and changes his mind.

How many left handed dyslexic vision recordists do you know?  We suspect there might be a few and wonder if it’s an unfair edge!

We can all argue about which is the best camera to buy…. but can we agree on the 5 worst cameras ever made?  Give us your suggestions for the bottom 5 video.

With very expensive viewfinders, kissing fish and a live delay… you’ll never get the teeshirt if you don’t listen!


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Guild of Television Camera Professionals

Sony DVF-EL200 viewfinder

The Academic – Bear Claws

GH5 Focus Test

Man kisses fish



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