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Fujinon MK zooms with an FZ mount

If, like me you are an F5/55 owner, this is huge…

We always wished the two MK zooms from Fujinon came with an EF mount option. Obviously, any lens manufacturer has to deal with some political issues before considering using Canon mounts, but we heard some time ago that Duclos were trying to make a conversion.  Sadly, that was never to be…. the difference in physical space between the sensors on Sony ‘E’ and Canon ‘EF’ mounts are just to expensive to overcome.  However, Duclos haven’t given up completely… we see from their web site that they are now offering a $500 MK conversion to Sony ‘FZ’ mount…  and it’s only $400 if you buy the Fujinon MK zoom at the same time!

Duclos site here: https://www.ducloslenses.com

Finally, Sony F5/55 owners (and possibly F3?) have an affordable zoom option with Fujinon’s great MK 18-55mm T2.9 or 50-135mm T2.9 MK zooms.  That’s 18 to 135mm covered with a constant T2.9 with just two lenses… and all for a total price that puts the competition to shame…. just $8,600 if you buy both the lenses and adaptors from Duclos.

With integrated back focus adjustment and the full factory warranty maintained, what’s not to like?



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