Reassuringly expensive or great value? We compare the Kino Flo Diva LED with the Lishuai 1380ASLV just to see how much you need to spend to get quality soft LED light.


    • Hi Pete,

      From memory it was around 40G on the light (which is just under 1/2 green). All this did was bring up the R9 red signal at 5600K only. I found this result a little confusing because the improvement on the spectrometer was not seen at warmer temperature settings? I have to say though, in use with my F5, I’ve not been dialling in any green at all. The light looks best on skin tones without tweaking too much, so maybe the KinoFlo bods have actually got the default settings about right ???


  1. Thanks for the swift reply Paul, much appreciated.
    I heard the August release firmware will include ‘lighting effects’, candle flicker, lightning, etc. Not the sort of thing I use every day but nice to have it for free.


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