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In episode 32:

In this sound recordists special, we finally get to talk with our old friend and mini-golf champion, Richard Eades.  The role of the location sound recordist has gone through enormous changes over recent years.  With the rise of ‘shooting PD’s’ and return of ‘separate sound’, how has the job changed?  Often expected to be a camera assistant or even now a DIT specialist, is this the best way to keep the diary full?  We also discover the easiest way to wind-up your own sound recordist in the middle of a busy day!

EVA, URSA, Venice, Amsterdam… lots to discuss from this years exciting IBC show, but which camera do we think is going to replace the FS7 as the default choice for Television production managers?

As Steve returns from cycling in Turkmenistan, and the Monkey has to change his pension arrangements, Paul needs to know what settings will make his F5 look like a 1970’s 8mm home movie camera?

It really is a packed episode… enjoy.

Steve & Paul

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